- Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month, 6:00-8:00 pm

     - Every 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month, 8:00-10:00 am

WHERE: Lupa's Coffee (2501 Texas Ave. S)


PURPOSE: Offers two forms of writing support: first, it is a designated, quiet, focused time away from the distractions that happen in the office and lab to promote writing productivity. Second, we receive peer-to-peer support from other postdocs to develop writing skills. Whether you need help with a journal article, grant application, CVs, or any other document this group is here to help each other.​

The PDA will also use this time to occasionally bring in experts to give writing feedback and advice on special topics, such as CVs, teaching philosophies, research statements. Keep an eye out for these events on our calendar!


Other Writing Groups at Texas A&M University open to postdocs


HSC Postdoc Writing Group

  • Open to all TAMU postdocs

  • WHEN: Meets the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month from 12-1 pm

  • WHERE: Alternates between Reynolds 147E (2nd Thursday) and Medical Research & Education Building (MREB) 2010 (4th Thursday)

  • PURPOSE: To give and receive peer editing, feedback, and writing support to other postdocs. It is recommended that you bring a laptop and a work in progress with you to each meeting.

  • http://medicine.tamhsc.edu/postdoccalendar 


CVM Postdoc Writing Group

  • Open to all TAMU postdocs

  • WHEN: Every Wednesday from 4-5 pm

  • WHERE: Vet Med Research Building (VMR) 208

  • PURPOSE: Writing support group, set goals, discuss progress, and roadblocks. 

  • CONTACT: cvmpostdoc@cvm.tamu.edu


CVM Specific Aims Group

  • Open to all TAMU postdocs, faculty, and grad students

  • WHEN: Every other Wednesday from 1-2 pm

  • WHERE:  Veterinary Medicine Building 2 (VIDI) 301

  • PURPOSE: Welcome to any and all who are interested in receiving feedback on their writing. The purpose is to provide constructive feedback on writing, including readability, grammar, structure, and (if someone reviewing the paper is familiar with the field) guidance and suggestions to improve the paper/proposal. We ask for those wanting feedback to provide a section of a paper or proposal, rather than the entire thing so that we will have enough time to read and review in detail. We also ask the paper to be printed double-spaced so we have room for marking.

  • CONTACT: Dr. Candice Brinkmeyer-Langford no RSVP required, but contact for the current meeting schedule

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