The Division of Research (DoR) and the Texas A&M Postdoctoral Association (TAMU PDA) jointly offer up to five travel awards of $500.00 per semester. Applications will be evaluated on a holistic basis, considering merit and service. Evaluations will be performed by an independent committee of faculty.

ATTENTION: Due to the global coronavirus pandemic and restrictions on event sizes and travel the call for Postdoctoral Scholar Travel Awards has been postponed until further notice


For 2020, if you are attending a conference or professional meeting between July and December, award applications are due April 7. Recipients of the award will be announced at the TAMU PDA General Meeting on April 21.

If you are attending a conference or professional meeting between January and June, 2021, applications will be due at a date TBD in October, 2020.


  1. Must have an appointment at Texas A&M University

  2. Must not have received this award in the previous award period


  1. Completed Travel Award Application. In the application, you must specify the source from which expenses over $500 would be covered, such as a department or faculty mentor. You must also provide a brief essay that describes your field of study and how this conference is important to your career development. Finally, must provide a brief description of your involvement in the Texas A&M postdoctoral community.

  2. Abstract for conference or professional meeting

  3. Current CV

  4. Letter of support from a faculty mentor or a departmental advisor


  1. Travel Award Application

    1. Demonstration of participation in postdoc-related events at Texas A&M, such as registration and attendance for postdoc events, and service to the postdoctoral community

    2. Description of your field of study

    3. Description of the meeting's relevance to your field

    4. Quality of submitted abstract

    5. Impact or innovation of research

  2. Supporting documents

    1. Research accomplishments

    2. Publication record

    3. Awards or honors

    4. Letter of support

Division of Research Postdoctoral Travel Award eligibility requirements apply and shares the same application form.