Build your CV, gain leadership experience, and get involved with TAMU PDA by joining one of our committees:

Executive Committee (by election)

  • Coordinating all aspects of TAMU PDA, including all other committees, budget, events, and communicating with DoR.

  • 1-year term, nominations open in March, voting in April.

  • President: preside over and set agendas for the Executive Committee meetings and the biannual General Meetings (GMs), serve as the liaison to TAMU and other organizations, approve and/or initiate PDA events, and be responsible for the condition of the PDA and the proper discharge of the duties of the Executive Committee members.

  • Vice-President: support all of the duties of the President and assume those duties, or those of the other officers, in their temporary absence, coordinate creation of an annual written report to be completed and presented at the spring GM. This report will summarize all completed business, ongoing business, and plans for the next year by all  committees. Keep minutes for the GMs and Executive Committee meetings. In case the Vice President is absent from a meeting, other members of the Executive Committee can take over recording minutes.

  • Treasurer: administer PDA cost codes and accounts, keep records of the PDA’s financial dealings, create a budget, pursue funds available to the PDA, and report on the PDA’s finances at GMs and Executive Committee meetings.

  • Communications officer: carry out the PDA’s correspondence with the TAMU community, communicate meeting notices, seminar and activity announcements, meeting agendas via email, maintain the Executive Committee email server and assign email addresses to the Executive Committee members, respond to emails on the general PDA email account, maintain the PDA website, and distribute any news and noteworthy achievements of the PDA members.

Election Committee
  • The Election Committee shall coordinate the Executive Committee member election, including overseeing the nomination, collecting the votes, and reporting the results. Election committee members cannot be nominees. This committee is established in Spring before elections. Contact us if you would like to be on the committee for the next election.​​


Tyler Jay Raszick, PhD

Department of Entomology


Vice President

Josefina Kjoellerstroem, PhD

Department of Veterinary Veterinary Integrative Biosciences



Loren J Rivera Vega, PhD 

Department of Entomology


Communications Officer

Adam Salazar, PhD

Department of Biochemistry/Biophysics


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Executive Committee: